Thank you for signing up to host a screening.

Thank you for signing up to host a screening of Crip Camp. We are excited to have you join the conversation. Crip Camp is about the emotional experience of finding community and oneself for the first time and the power of realizing that a better life is possible through social change. 

Below are resources that provide an overview of the history and context of the disability rights movement as well as a step-by-step framework for leading and moderating a discussion. These resources can help guide your conversations and empower you and your participants to share your voices with others in your community.

Given today’s climate, we are recommending virtual Crip Camp screenings. Currently, we suggest incorporating a “book club” format. Participants can watch the film via Netflix on their own by a certain date and time, and then join a virtual conversation via Zoom, FaceTime, or your chosen video tool. We hope to be able to share additional resources and ideas about virtual screenings in the days ahead.

Director’s Note from Nicole Newnham Jim LeBrecht

How to Host a Screening 

Discussion Guide