1. Media Literacy

  2. Power & Disability Justice

  3. Power & Civil Rights


  4. Ableism, Language, & Power


  5. Strategic Use of Privilege & Power



The documentary feature CRIP CAMP marks a historic moment in mainstream
representation of the disability experience.

The film shares with insight, clarity, humor, and beauty the experiences of one group of disabled young people and
their journey to activism and adulthood, and in so doing, provides an opportunity for all to delve into the rich and complicated history of disability activism, culture, and history.

The goal of this curriculum is to extend the knowledge and understanding of disability and of disabled people offered in the Netflix film CRIP CAMP. Impact producers Stacey Milbern and Andraéa LaVant invited us, Drs. Bianca I. Laureano and Aiesha Turman, to imagine a curriculum grounded in an equity and justice approach to disability, one that challenges us to go beyond the expectations of inclusion and diversity. We brought together a team and the result is the curriculum you are now reading. You can learn more about the authors and collaborators below.

Our bold collective vision is to support students, educators, and families in a welcomed conversation about the disability rights movement, power, ableism, and disability justice. We hope as you read through this lesson plan you, too, may envision the possibilities in your homes, classrooms, and communities when guided by those most impacted. We hope to reach as many educators as possible who are teaching now and those who will be teaching in the future. We wish to offer an example of what is possible and to shift from diversity and inclusion to equity and power for disabled people in learning environments!

We invite you to engage with the film and through social media using the hashtag #CripCampFilm. If you use the curriculum let us know!

We are all worthy!

Bianca & Aiesha

Media Literacy

Understanding what you are experiencing

Power & Disability Justice

An Introduction

Stills and Photos

Lesson 1: Media Literacy
Lesson 2: Power & Disability Justice


We dedicate this curriculum to our friend, colleague, co-conspirator, and homie Stacey Milbern.

Stacey loved so deeply and unapologetically in ways that will remain revolutionary. Her vision of what is possible is represented in part through this curriculum. She dreamed of a world where crip wisdom is shared and honored, where interdependence is liberation, and where we all experience the freedom and body autonomy we deserve. This curriculum is here to help educate and teach, exactly what Stacey’s work on this planet offered. She knew there were multiple stories to share and so many more voices and realities to lift up and we do so with her as our newest ancestor guiding our path.